Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Baby Shower!!

 Hello my readers! I know its been a while, I have just been busy, lazy and all school stuffs were making me busy busy. Our baby boy is on the way ( this month actually)! Nervouuuusss!! Well im just asking for your prayers so i have a safe delivery with my first born! Here are some babyshower preparations and the baby shower day photos! Hope you enjoy!
I did alot of DIY decorations for my baby shower! I really enjoyed it!!Thanks to all who came to the babyshower and all who supported me even ´though they couldnt make it! Love u all!!

I started with this beautiful flower! Youtube rocks!! I got most of the babyshower ideas from youtube and i wasnt disapointed!!


Then i did the favors! Candies in a diaper! loool

The outcome!!

After checking everywere for a banner and couldnt get what i wanted i decided to do it myself! Thanx to youtube i found an easy way to make my own banner!

The result!!

I baked my own cookies too! i made peanut blossom cookies my way( i put m&ms and chocolate) and frosted tea cakes with blue frosting. I got the recipe from! I always get good results from her webpage!

Then Petri came up with pram decorations idea, which was fantastic!

I made pom poms too! I loved doing them for the first time!

Then i baked some cupcakes! Mmmm they were yummy. I made banana chocolate cupcakes and lemon cupcakes!

Then i got the idea from google on god parents gifts! I think they came out quiet well!



I didnt forget the table decorations with confetti!


Love you my baby daddy! :)


Karim, my babys Godfather!! Love u bro!!

The proud grand ma! Nonna! Hai rav u! :)

 Present from marwa! Lov u sis!!

And games!!

 Lets see who will get it right! god mother or god father!! Lool

We didnt forget the grandmaz!

 Grandma(Mumma) Raija

And grandma( Nonna) Stella!

 And all the advice was welcome!!

Not forgetting all the presents! Thank you all!!

I had a great babyshower with my family and friends! Even though my loving sister and my babys number 1 grandma ( bibi) Suzy wasnt here, they were in our hearts and minds! Cant wait to see you soon mama and mamkubwa marwa :) loool !!
I love you all!!

PS: This is a late post, i just forgot to post it! loool it was actually supposed to be posted in april...